Aluminium windows and doors


Aluminium windows and doors

Before we start acquainting you with the aluminium profiles which we offer, we must first acquaint you with the properties of the aluminium windows and doors in order for you to be able to make an informed decision. The aluminium windows and doors are designed for premises where energy economy is not the main priority. They are used when making office buildings, booths, large production rooms, partition walls and doors within premises, etc. As anything else, the aluminium windows and doors have their own advantages and disadvantages:



big temperature variations do not adversely affect them


they do not change their external appearance in the course of time


they do not need special care for their maintenance


they have little linear expansion rates



due to their property of heat/cold conductivity, they form water condensation more easily and more quickly


they have higher prices as compared to the PVC windows and doors


even when using the most expensive thermal bridge, their thermal insulation coefficient cannot exceed 2.0 W/m2K


salty air has an adverse effect on them


profilco - pr 26

A light sliding system. Its main characteristics are the good geometric shapes and the completeness which guarantee a superior aesthetic outcome. It is used with windows, doors, window displays, internal partition walls, etc.

Technical characteristics:
Guide width: 39 – 69 mm.
Wing width: 26 mm.
Possible infill: single glass sheets and glass packets.

profilco - pr 43

A light system for turn and turn tilt windows, doors, window displays, interior structures.

Technical characteristics:
Frame width: 40 – 69 mm.
Wing width: 43 mm.
Wall width: 1.3 – 1.5 mm.
Take on double glasses: 4 – 28 mm.

profilco - pr 50

A glass packet system for the external covering of buildings. It has been designed as three basic types: Standard, Semi-structural, and Structural.

Technical characteristics:
Column width: a 50 mm traverse.
Column height: 95 – 160 mm.
Wall thickness: 2 – 2.2 mm.
Glass packets: 10 – 32 mm.

profilco - pr 52

For turn and turn tilt windows, doors, internal partition walls, balconies. The easy joining of the individual elements and the flawless aesthetic appearance guarantee their quality and modern design.

Technical characteristics:
Frame width: 45 – 100 mm.
Wing width: 45 – 52 mm.
Wall thickness: 1.3 – 1.5 mm.
Glass packets: 4 – 33 mm.


The PR 55 system has a thermal bridge made of 16 mm polyamide and belongs to the “2.2” heat transfer class. It is used for windows, doors, window displays, etc.

Technical characteristics:
Column width: 50 mm traverse.
Wing width: 47 – 55 mm.
Wall thickness: 1.5 mm.
Glass packets: 15 – 39 mm.


The PR 63 system has thermal insulation of 24 mm and belongs to the “2.1” heat transfer class. It is used for windows, doors, window displays, etc. Absolute protection from cold and hot temperatures, and from noise. It creates ideal conditions inside the premise.

Technical characteristics:
Frame width: 55 – 108 mm.
Wing width: 55 – 63 mm.
Wall thickness: 1.3 – 1.5 mm.
Glass packets: 23 – 47 mm.