Prices of PVC and aluminium doors and windows

The price of the PVC or the aluminum windows cannot be determined by square meter, but it is different for every individual customer because the sizes are different as well as the way of opening, the glass packet type, the type of the fittings on the windows, etc. The customer would not be able to get a sufficiently correct idea of the price of his windows by using the prices given for the so called “standard sizes” because:


depending on the type of glass packet, the price could vary between 23 and 98 BGN per sq. meter.


the windows in colors are between 18 and 50 % more expensive depending on the way of opening of the windows and the use of additional profiles such as 90o columns, tubes with lids and expansions.


depending on the volume and the price of the order, different discounts can be granted.

Additional accessories, such as internal (PVC) and external (aluminum) window sills, shields (aluminum), mosquito screens (rolling and hinged), anti-burglary locking.

Offer form

In order to get the correct offer, please fill out the form below, giving an approximate description of the dimensions and the way of opening of the windows, the type and the color of the profile, the glass packet type, the additional accessories.

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