Advantages of PVC windows and doors SALAMANDER

Good thermal insulation

One of the most important tasks of the modern door and window systems is to retain the heat. By integrating energy efficient glass in the doors and window systems the heat loss is reduced by more than 10 times, thus ensuring warmth at home even in extremely cold weather. After installing energy efficient windows in your home you will save money for additional heating and most important – you create a comfortable environment for the people you love.

Noise insulation

The modern windows not only retain the heat, but at the same time protect from the permanent noise and create convenient environment in your home. For protection from the urban noise we are using special glazed units, which are structurally different from the standard ones. The integration of three glasses with different thickness and changes in the space among them creates perfect conditions for noise insulation.

More light

Each type of PVC windows system is designed and built with the idea of “more light”. The special design of all window components allows you to enjoy a great part of the day light. For example: the other companies oblige you to place dividers of the big doors, the big shop windows, narrow the dimensions of the opening parts.


The possibilities for you have no limit – any color and texture, shape and way of opening. We are glad that thanks to the strength of the PVC systems of SALAMANDER we can design and build structures which are unique in type and quality.

Easy maintenance

It is a great convenience with the SALAMANDER PVC doors and window systems. The glossy surface does not require frequent cleaning because dust and dirt are difficult to stay on. Cleaning of windows is made with wet cloth.

Protection of environment

Our windows are made of 100% recyclable plastics. According to the results from many tests the SALAMANDER doors and window systems are recommended for use in institutions with highest hygiene requirements as medical clinics (including surgeries and intensive care units), kindergartens and health centers, as well as places for treating people with allergies and asthma.

Protection against burglary

All windows can be equipped with special devices for greater protection against burglary. This is very important for windows at the first and second floor of residential buildings, close to staircases, sheds, above shops etc.

Reliability and durability

Our windows are made in step with the new technologies for production and installation of German PVC doors and windows systems – there are no cheap replacements, only original materials!

Fire safety

The plastic used for manufacture of SALAMANDER profiles is non-burning. In our practice there has been a case when through the windows the fire could not spread all over the house, preventing serious damages.

Ventilation control

Different way of opening the windows and special in-built mechanisms allow you not only to ventilate quickly the room, but provide also a continuous influx of fresh air without cooling the room.

Absence of condensate

The use of low-emissivity and energy efficient glazed units prevents the possibility for condensation. Even if there is a high humidity in the premise, the micro ventilation prevents high air humidity without cooling the premise.